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Column and siding replacement with framing repair and weatherproofing on a budget

We started out by building temporary bracing and removing each column. I was amazed that it was still standing. We then built mockups of the columns and retrofit post base brackets to the concrete to hold new structural pressure treated 4x4's in place, before reconstructing the outer decorative columns around the 4x4. We also had to repair the concrete corner with some epoxy and steel reinforcement, as it fell off while the column was out. We then painted and reused the original aluminum flashing to rewrap the outer columns to save the client some money. We finished out by cleaning and painting the aluminum siding above, the porch ceiling, and trimming out and caulking the columns.

We then went to replace some trim and realized there were several issues hiding under the siding. Some rot had begun, there was no housewrap, and the flashing was failing. We repaired the damaged framing, installed new flashing and housewrap, put up and painted some primed Smartside panels, trimmed, and caulked for a weather proof and refreshed looking repair that maintained the original style on a budget.


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