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Above ground pool replacement/site repair

So the old pool had had it. Got called into spruce up this pool pad on a budget. Brought out the mini to make quick work of disposing of the old pool.

Also I used it to lift up the railroad tie so I could put some gravel under it and get it level and squared back up to the other one. I dug behind the railroad ties so I can put in some gravel for proper drainage. I then drilled and drove some rebar to reconnect the two railroad ties level and at a tight 90° corner.

I also tried the "spike in the center with a level on a screed board" method for the first time. It worked great but then I was like wait how am I going to get my spike out of there without messing up the smoothness of the base? Looks like a job for the excavator 😄

But overall it was a fun job and a good change of pace.


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