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Now offering portable sawmill services!!

35.5"x10'4" walnut beauty
more walnut
cherry for electric guitar body

March, 2021:


We are happy to announce we now offer portable sawmilling services!! If we come on site it is an hourly rate of $100, but no set-up fee. If you can bring the logs to us, it's 40 cents/board foot. We can also source lumber, cut custom beams, and more! 

50% cancellation fee will be charged if job is cancelled after setting up equipment, unless notice is given 1 week prior to termination of services. We are here to help so if anything comes up we are happy to stop and re-negotiate or cut breaks where possible. We may be able to give credit in exchange for some of the lumber as well! Fuel, blades, hauling, set-up time, maintenance cost for equipment all add up very quickly so please keep in mind that the set-up and delivery of equipment is a very sizeable portion of our cost. If something comes up we understand and will absolutely work with your needs, we just need enough notice to move on to the next job without substantial downtime, and have to do our best to recoup costs of moving and setting up. Call or text today for more details!

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