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Cabin and Deck Exterior Restoration

We were called to restore the exterior of this almost 100 year old cabin. The deck and sun room were added later, but were still extremely weathered. The logs were washed with a careful combination of pressure washing and soap, brush, and rinsing in sensitive areas. The deck was pressure washed but still had some stain adhering to the surface. We sanded down any remaining stain and smoothed out any rough boards.

Wood filler was added to rotten and hollow areas. Semi-solid oil based stain was applied to deck, and specialty log stain was applied to cabin logs. Hardie-board and wood paneling was painted with exterior primer and paint.


Deck Before
Deck after

Upon inspection, we noticed a support was missing between the center of the sunroom and deck, leaving it totally unsupported from end to end. We dug and poured a new steel reinforced footer, and a 6x6. Brackets were installed but we missed the picture.

The floor joists were coming loose due to the missing support. We jacked the house back up to install the new support in a way that will re-align the joists. Before shown below.

Same view as above but properly aligned and supported. Notice there is no longer daylight showing through the gap! Carefully jacked up and supported properly. Success!!!

The 4x4's supporting the deck were showing rot from repeated flooding as this is a riverfront home. We retro-fitted a double 2x10 beam under the front of the deck for safety as it wasn't properly supported in it's original construction. This was attached to 3 notched 6x6 supports which allowed us to safely remove the rotten 4x4's, providing ample support and opened up space for easier access to the kayak storage area.

The small stone retaining wall was added to prevent erosion and add a small flower bed area. Nothing matches quite like stones and cabin logs! We were thrilled to work on this project as it is such an uplifting feeling to help restore this inviting cabin to it's original glory!

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