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Cabin Bathroom Remodel

We initially got called in to fix a few tiles and the sheetrock behind the closet as the pipes had burst and what seemed to be a small repair was the original idea. Upon removing the tiles we realized the framing of the wet wall behind the shower was molded and rotten.

The tile was improperly installed and needed to be redone in order to fix the framing and make sure it was all installed properly.

The counter top did not match the tile that the customer selected for the shower, so they decided to replace and redo the vanity. We custom built it out of 4"x6" hemlock with a custom stone sink.

Here is the custom shower as selected by the client. Much better!

The poplar flooring was looking a little rough, so we refinished it. Our client told us how they used to oil the floors in her school when she was young, so we went with Danish Oil. It needs to be touched up every now and then but provides a beautiful natural finish.

Panoramic view of finished product.

There we go! all better and looking as good as it feels.

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