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Disaster Deck Repair

We got a call to repair a deck. When I first got there it didn't seem so bad from a distance because someone else had recently "repaired and replaced all deck boards and railings". Then I took a closer look and it was bad!!! The homeowner informed me that he only charged about 25% normal labor cost. Turned out he wasn't licensed, didn't get a permit, and then did a terrible job repairing the deck. Look at these steps!!




We completely removed the deck so we could install proper flashing, new posts, and a new ledger board. For no extra labor cost we were able to replace all joists as some that were left behind were rotting. We got an engineer's report and a Blacksburg town permit and passed inspection and the home was then able to be sold.

This goes to show when it seems too good to be true it probably is. Paying full market price for a licensed professional instead of saving a few bucks to hire someone who doesn't know what they're doing can be the difference between being able to sell a house or even maintain homeowners insurance.

We say do it right the first time and you'll pay less in the long run, as well as enjoy your home improvements SAFELY and for a much longer time.

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